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Piabreed – summary of the second data collection process

We did it! The second data collection has ended successfully and we are very grateful to all breeders for helping with this project. Part of the second data collection was also seen as a market trial, which allowed us to collect valuable feedback again to further improve the birth detection …

What are our Piabreed Partners saying?

We are getting closer to the end of our second data collection phase of the Piabreed Project so we talked to a few of our Piabreed Partners to get their insights and thoughts on Piabreed. Check out what they had to say! And don’t forget to subscribe to the …

Piabreed Market Trial | Meet Our Breeding Project Partners

We are excited to finally introduce you to our Piabreed Project Partners! With 12 breeders and vets gathering data during the market trial, we anticipate having a LOT of diverse birth data to further train our machine learning algorithm, in addition to improving the functionality of the platform and birth …

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