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Piavet Body Temperature Improvement Project: Data Collection

Piavita provides a digital, remote monitoring solution with the Piavet System for the management of a wide variety of cases. And one of our key vital signs is body temperature. The Piavet Measuring Device uses sensors to calculate a horse’s body temperature (among other values) and sends that data to…

Piavet Platform WebApp | Version 3.18 Out Now!

The Piavet Platform web application version 3.18 was released today and it comes packed with new features and improvements to help vets and veterinary staff manage patient care with ease. Many elements of this release come as a direct result of the collaboration between the PiaTeam and our Piavet Users…

Introducing the Piavet Loyalty Program

Be an active part of the Piavet Community and save up to 95% on annual costs. As a Piavet System User you get to play an active role in innovative technological development for the veterinary industry. By simply using the Piavet System for digital and remote monitoring in your daily…

Earn and Redeem PiaPoints with the Piavet Loyalty Program

Welcome to the Piavet Community—we’re happy you’re here! And being here means you are part of our new Piavet Loyalty Program. This unique program is designed to help you stay involved and informed while saving BIG! Learn how easy it is to earn and redeem PiaPoints and save up to…

On-site Support and Demos—Our California Tour!

We’re offering on-site support again in the US! It has been a few months since the PiaTeam has been able to travel in the US, and while we’ve offered digital demos and other support workarounds since March with success, nothing beats being there in-person. Despite COVID and wild fire-related obstacles…

Introducing the Piavet User Board and Vet Board

In today’s digital age, we are constantly looking for new applications to replace paper-based processes. Digitalization in the field of veterinary medicine still leaves a lot of room to improve, which is why we are breaking new ground with the Piavet System as a digital monitoring solution for equine veterinarians.…

On the Road Again | Visiting Piavet Users in Benelux

After months of not being able to meet in person with our Piavet users, the borders have opened and travel has become reasonable again. So, we packed our bags (our Piavet Travel Bag that is), stuffed them with brand new hardware and hit the road! We’ve been looking forward to…

Piavet for iOS | Version 2.0 Available Now!

The latest release of the Piavet app is here! And it comes with a brand new look and new functionality to help vets stay better connected to their patients, no matter where they are.  Our dedicated customer support team has been diligently tracking feedback via the newly implemented vet and…

University Equine Hospitals and the Piavet Solution

University equine hospitals are well positioned to be the frontrunners in digitalization in the equine veterinary space. And one way to leap forward is by integrating a digital health monitoring solution into daily practice. The Piavet System is an advanced hardware and software solution that helps university practitioners support their…

Piavet Customer Testimonial | Arènes Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Cedric Boulet graduated from the National Veterinary School of Alfort (ENVA) in 1996 before completing a year of military assistantship at the university’s equine clinic. He joined the Arènes Veterinary Clinic in 2001. Interview Questions How did you hear about Piavita and what encouraged you to invest in the…

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